Why Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent is Humane

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As animal lovers, we would like to take a moment to tell you why Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent is Humane.  
When people are combating a Nuisance Animal Issue, there are several methods that are commonly used.... 
One method that is commonly used in Nuisance Animal Control, that we are staunchly against, is the extermination of the Nuisance Animal.  As we built our homes in their habitat, we do not feel that killing these animals is the right thing to do.  Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent is a safe and Humane alternative, as it simply Repels Nuisance Animals from the treated locations, and allows them to continue living their lives while keeping them away from your property.
Another method that is commonly used is Traps.  First and foremost, hiring a professional trapper is very expensive, and can cost anywhere from $250-400!  Some people try to save money by purchasing their own traps, but now you have an angry animal in a cage, that you need to load into your car and drive 10+ miles away so that it doesn't find it's way back to your home.  I do not know about you, but carpooling with a pissed off animal is not exactly my idea of a fun morning commute!  Further, we do not agree that trapping these animals is Humane, as it is extremely disorienting to the animal, removes them from the habitat that they are accustomed to, and separates them from their families that they often care for.  With trapping, not only does the confused and disoriented animal have a greater chance of dying, but so do their young.  We are not looking to disorient animals or separate them from their families, but rather Repel them in the most Humane and cost-effective way possible!
The third option, is Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent!  When a Nuisance Animal smells or tastes our proprietary formula, they simply go away.  After a few attempts, this learned behavior usually keep them away too!  Compared to the other alternatives, Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent is clearly the most humane and cost-effective way to Repel Nuisance Animals!