The Story of Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent

     Hi, I'm Jimmy.  The Founder and Creator of Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent.  How does someone develop a passion for Repelling Nuisance Animals?  Let me tell you my story.......                                           
     While we currently live and manufacture our product in Georgia, I was born and raised in the suburbs of Miami.  I grew up during a time before the development boom, when there were more fields and vacant land, than there were houses.  I would spend my days riding dirt bikes, ATC's and playing outside!  It was an incredible time to be a kid!  As I got older, somehow I managed to settle down in a large city on the coast in North Miami.  In a short period of time, cranes and condos dotted the skyline, and there was concrete as far as the eye could see!  The traffic became horrendous, and I longed for a simpler time, where I had some green space and room to roam.  
   In 2015, my wife and I found our dream house located West of the city, far from the concrete, traffic and high paced environment.  We traded our townhouse that had no lawn, for a single family home with some land and room to breathe.  Everything was perfect, or so it seemed. Until that one day when some unexpected house guests started to visit, and wouldn't leave!  No, I am not talking about the in-laws!  I am talking about Raccoons!  Apparently, when my wife and I would go to bed, there was an after party happening on our patio and in our pool!  How did we know?  Well, they left stinky little, disease infested clues behind!  There was raccoon poop on our pool deck, and in the pool!  Apparently, raccoons like to wash their food before they eat, as well as wash their hands, so our pool made for the perfect sink!  Kind of cute, until you learn that they also like to go to the bathroom where they eat.  Not so cute!!  I would clean up the mess, and spray with bleach, hoping that would help.  It didn't.  This went on for days, until I had enough.  One day, I headed out to the Garden center of my local major home improvement store to get something to get rid of the raccoons.  When I got there, I saw 2 products on the shelf that claimed to repel Raccoons, as well as other nuisance animals.  I took out my phone to check the reviews on the 2 products, and they were both around 2.8 to 3 stars.  Not very good, but they were my only options.  Together, I thought, they add up to over 5 stars, so I bought both of them.  When I got home, I thoroughly spread both products around the perimeter of my house and pool area.  "That'll keep 'em away!" I thought to myself.  The next day, I excitedly ran to the window to see if my efforts had paid off.  Nope!!  There were little Raccoon presents waiting for me on the pool deck and in the pool!  It hadn't even rained a drop the night before either!
   Well, my dream house was now under major attack, and the only person profiting was my pool guy!  At that point, I got really upset and decided to take matters into my own hands.  If a product didn't exist to properly repel raccoons, then I would create one.  Being an "At Home Chef" and having a lot of experience in and around the kitchen, I began to make a concoction to get rid of those pesky raccoons!  With some spicy peppers as one of the main ingredients, my formula began to take shape.  Finally, the time had come for me to test it out.  I got myself a 2 gallon garden sprayer and sprayed the perimeter of my house and pool deck once again.  The next day, no sign of the raccoons.  In fact, not only did the raccoons never come back, but neither did the coyote that used to hang around in my yard, despite me banging pots and pans together like a crazy person!  
   While only looking to solve a simple problem that I had, I began to think that perhaps I was onto something.  With that thought in mind, I began to test out my formula wherever my friends had issues.  Soon, I realized that it was working on most all Nuisance animals!  It was keeping the raccoons and possums out of garbage cans.  My friends were able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables from their gardens before the deer and rabbits got to them.   It even worked on the dumpster at my local sushi restaurant, which backed up to a natural preserve.  In the 90+ degree summertime heat too!  At this point, Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent was born!  I began to build my company from the ground up, and a few months later, Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent was launched!
   The response so far has been extremely positive, as well as overwhelming.  Just keeping up with the demand has been one of the most challenging parts!  It's not a bad problem to have!  Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy my product, and would love to hear your Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent success story!  Please send me your testimonials, so that I can post them to our site!  Thanks again for your support, and I am honored that you have trusted Jim's All Natural Animal Repellent to help solve your Nuisance Animal issues!
Oh, and by the way, this product is proudly made in the USA!